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the white guy that hangs out with carl the black guy on the simpsons...has a weird eye problem...his real name is Lenford
"AAAAh my eye! Im not supposed to get jigs in it!"
by waAGhA! March 15, 2005
132 103
A Lenny short for Lenny Dykstra, meaning Dike or Lesbian. Dike comes from the the way you pronounce Dykstra's last name. You say Lenny for a Dike as a way to conceal you are speaking of a Lesbian.
Did you see that "Lenny" working out next to you? I bet she could bench more than you.
by Mas Fueg0 April 10, 2009
8 22
a sweeet azerbaijani kid. jewish. cool.
i love lenny! Yo Dawg, Lenny is so sweet!
by ruskii911 December 03, 2005
19 34
the small sexy kid that looks loike a hobbit from the lord of the rings hense the name lenny
hey lenny wot u up to u sexy bitch
by elmo July 09, 2002
23 42
A tall white argentinian boy who questions his sexual orientation and is sociably awkward around others, bum hole licker.
Look at that Lenny!
by ilikelickingbumhole July 10, 2008
9 30
pussy ass mothafucker who lies and is a coward. also looks like an UGLY ASS GORILLA!
OMG! Ashley, look there's Carlton! He's such a lenny.
by cg4l November 24, 2007
23 50
The forever hated ..The most plastic ever girl in my school, i hate her living ass
4ever hated....what a fucking pussy ass bitch, that is so plastic, and i think she thinks that everyone likes her and she is ALL THAT and she's NOT!
by Lenny hater November 22, 2004
11 49
The form of anyone who displays traits such as the following:
1. Being Lame
2. Having no friends
3. Touching yourself at night
God, why don't you get some friends and stop being such a Lenny?
by Lenny-Hata May 27, 2004
36 79