the white guy that hangs out with carl the black guy on the simpsons...has a weird eye problem...his real name is Lenford
"AAAAh my eye! Im not supposed to get jigs in it!"
by waAGhA! March 15, 2005
Very Italian, Very Manly, serious, and very hard to get to know...great lover
that boy is like Lenny
Chilled, Relaxed.
Man, I'm so freakin' lenny right now.
by donnyUK May 01, 2010
A bright, intelligent, beautiful individual; A person who fits the definition of a Lenny is always extremely sexy, attractive, and kind, with the ability to make everyone happy.
Basically, an altogether perfect individual.
The trademark for a Lenny is slightly long, curly hair and brown eyes.
"Wow, we need to meet him. He's so Lenny."
"His hair is sooooooo Lenny."
"Have you seen that new guy yet? No? Well, he's such a Lenny."
"I saw a guy yesterday who fit the definition of a perfect Lenny. He was so sweet!!"
by Emmy =] January 09, 2012
Is when you do somthing that you dont wanna do and you dont relize that you have free will , so you shouldnt be doing it.
I didn't go to the Ocean because i realized it would be a Lenny.

Why am i in Tel aviv Hookah bar , its such a Lenny to be here.

DAMM! this girl is such Lenny to hookup with!
by 2bestfriends12 March 24, 2011
An amazing guy who has chicks lining up. He has the perfect dick ever and every girl wants a piece of him. His girth is 7 inches, amazing for his 6 1/2 inch penis. He's dated a hell of a lot f girls just to make them happy. But they always broke up with him. He always has like 50 creepy ass chicks always stalking him. He has a gang of best friends that kick ass and love all the pussy they get, simply because they're friends with Lenny. Lenny has dated a girl with enormous boobs. He has one black guy in his group that's really stupid and annoying. Lenny is super rich. He has a friend named Mason, that's really awesome ( even though he can't touch the top of the refrigerator.
Mason: Hey Lenny.
Mason:Okay, but you better not be friends with that fucking penguin.
Hot chick: I am...
by Devin Ass July 08, 2011
the 27th letter of the alphabet
(see plenny) lenny can not formally be written, it is just understood.
by jamal gomez March 28, 2003
A flirty,spontaneous, sexy girl, whose mad smart and makes you envy her. she will make your day.
Man, i wish i was a lenny
by thee only onee October 12, 2008

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