Leicester is a pretty nice, safe place according to everyone else.

It isnt.

We're nick named Spit City, Chav Central and Illegal Immigrant Capital; all true. The ratio of outsiders to native Leicesterians is severly one sided to the former, which wouldnt really be a bad thing if they werent rude, didnt barter in department stores and actually learnt how to drive instead of stealing their drivers license out of a cereal box.

The roughest place is probably Braunestone, more specifically, 'Dodge'. Do not even get a bus through the place without having 999 dialed into your phone and your thumb above the call button, as you will not get through without some form of verbal and physical abuse.

Most of us have developed an inability to speak properly, now calling where we live 'Lesta' and using phrases such as 'thats bad man, init'. We have a huge teenage pregancy rate and I warn you not to go to any parks, as there is almost always someone being licked out or getting pregnant in a bush or on a bench of some description.

Most people are illiterate, reaching ages of up to 14 without even picking up a book that doesnt have pictures in or isnt Nuts. This results in the majority of people on council estates living off benefits, which is normaly fraudulant anyway.

Besides that, we gave England Gary Lineker, comprehensive schools, Leicester Tigers and finger print testing for the police, detectives, etc...the only half decent contribution to the country our little city has made
Please dont make me move to Leicester. I'll be spat on by chavs and gangsta wannabes.
by alltimeblow December 29, 2010
I live in leicester and it ain't that bad. Many ehtnic minorites and lots of samalian imo's coming here but who cares. As long as i earn money and i'm happy i couldn't give a f**k who living in my home city.
they have a lame football team
by Tom June 01, 2004
It is a city in the middle of England, it is where most of India migrate to also commonly known as turban land, so it is a very unpopular place and anybody who lives there wears a turben or lives on benefits
Person A: do you want to go to leicester?

Person B: no, it smells like curry and there's to many council houses so we will get lost, and I'm eating oxtail soup
by Mr blobby is dead December 12, 2010
Small town in Massachusetts which borders the 2nd largest city in the state, Worcester, Paxton, Auburn, Oxford, Charlton and Spencer. This town of 17,000 is divided into 3 sections with their own zip codes; Leicester, Cherry Valley and Rochdale. If you're from here then you have heard of the wanna-be gang that used to be the "RP's" or the "Rochdale Parkers". Going to the recently built Wal-Mart is what these people do for fun. The High School athletics are a complete joke and should be counted as an easy win. They have zero intensity when on the field. L-Town is a joke.
"Hey I'm bored. What's there to do in Leicester?"
"Let's go to Wal-Mart!"
by Leicester mass February 15, 2010

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