1. A group of African aliens that came to America on a boat made out of a banana!!
2. A mexican who hates girls
1. That leg is wierd looking, im gonna buy his banana for 5 cents!
2. Stupid leg beaner guy
by Eragon April 27, 2007
1. Part of the human body
2. A word used to describe to someone the length of time a specific drug lasts when you inject/smoke/snort it.

_ _ “ ”

(•) (•) |ê| |ê| (@) (@)

Ū. £ į

\-----/ \==/ <___>
1.) You should definitely buy some of Jerry's crystal. The potency was excellent and it had some really long legs
2.) Don't buy any of Tina's crystal, the high was good but it had no legs
by Phishnbiscuits17 September 10, 2014

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