Someone in the military smart enough not to jump out a perfectly good airplane.

Alternate Definition: What all Airborne soldiers put in requests to become once their knees are shot.
1. "Look at that leg, he wish he jumped out of airplanes and fractured his hip like I did!"

2. Alt Def: SFC Snuffy put in a 4187 to have his airborne status removed, he realized he's too old to pretend to be hooah.
by whitemale_98 December 31, 2004
1. A group of African aliens that came to America on a boat made out of a banana!!
2. A mexican who hates girls
1. That leg is wierd looking, im gonna buy his banana for 5 cents!
2. Stupid leg beaner guy
by Eragon April 27, 2007
In the army airborne community, legs are the derogative term given to non paratroopers, or soldiers who do not jump out of airplanes.
That leg has a lot of nerve walking around Fort Bragg, the home of the Airborne!
by Carolina Blue 252 May 20, 2016
Can also be spelled L3g.

Meaning: Real, True, Not False, Authentic

1. (adj.) Abbreviated form of the word "Legit" or "Legitimate". Used to describe a noun that is of a particularly excellent quality or something that is authentic (not fake, false, misrepresenting something. The slang use of this term is rapidly increasing in popularity.
1. This new pizza shop is Lèg!
2. That new Star Wars movie was Lèg!!!
by JohnDoeCreepy May 10, 2016
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