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the art or act of being legit
strapless and unhooked is so legitness...
by da kitesurfer May 31, 2009
4 5
The degree of how legitimate something is.
That boy lies. He has no legitness.

Word. Your legitness is ballin'.
by D-Smoz June 02, 2007
17 7
When something has a specific amount of how legit it actually is
That website has so much legitness.
by Dr. Pepper, James June 03, 2010
5 3
What they have in Texas, instead of fitness.
Texan #1: i'm gonna drive ma truck to the corner store 'cuz i aint wanna walk a quarter-mile
Texan #2: Legitness!
by UrbanPrick November 15, 2010
2 4