A word that a lot of douchey minors use because they think they're hot shit. It means "for real" or "Straight up". It is a very annoying word, especially when used by a white person.
Jane: "Dude, that party last night was legit."
Becky: *smack SMACK!*
Jane: "What the hell?!"
Becky: "Stop acting like you're black, bitch."
by Kowabungja October 24, 2010
An adjective for something that is really cool. No joke, no lie. Something amazing.
Wow, thats like legit!

Mario? Yeah, he's like legit.
by Funnygirl=) October 05, 2010
a word used for saying how real someting is, or for saying how you feel towards something
that surf board is legit!
by itslegit July 20, 2010
A word that describes a person's extreme talent or awesomeness.
Amanda and Cleo, and Brittany and Oriana are such legit bigs and littles.
by myswansongwill November 12, 2010
Outstanding, amazing, awesome, great, you get the idea.
Blake: Dude! That was the most legit concert ever!
Jake: Yeah it was!
by jrs1237 September 25, 2010
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