A term used to describe a thrust movement in bed when you use both of your legs repeatedly in a sexual manner while creating gorilla noises and the flinging of the arms against the chest, which turn the partner on so much that they begin to imitate the exact action, hence the term "Monkey see, Monkey do."
Prostitute: "Hey buddy. You lookin' for a thrill? I can leg it up for you if you're willing to pay twenty extra bucks."

Man: "Leg it up for me baby, be a beast, roarrr."
by tequandahmakesgoodlove. July 30, 2010
sweet. Best when used in combination with hella.
Dude, that shit was HELLA LEGIT
by JonW April 21, 2003
Dane Ware and Nick Peters
Man we too legit for yo' chump ass.
by Nick Peters April 28, 2005
Shortened version of "Legitimate". Meaning something is genuine or real. Maybe also cool.
Wow George never lies, he's so legit!
by Soulja Boy 420 Copenhagen February 16, 2015

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