short for legitimate. In the context of video games such as Diablo, that which is described by the adjective has been obtained without cheating or hacking.
There is no such thing as a legit Constricting Ring. -Diablo 2
by Rakeri August 11, 2003
Seriously. As opposed to not seriously. So your listener knows that you're not lying.

Use multiple times in one sentence to establish your credibility.
Canada computer: We have the best deals anywhere, legit!

Dealer: You should buy insurance, I legit have blackjack.

Cassy: I legit, just legitimately shut off my legit laptop. Legit.
by Kapitol October 13, 2009
Something that is undoubtedly and entirely true.
"Rosie is a whore. Like, legit."

"The iPhone is the BEST thing ever. Legit."
by Ringolevio March 04, 2009
A shortened version of legitimate. Commonly used by wrestling fans who are "in the know" aka smarks. Made popular by Rob Feinstein, and copied by many. Its usage is considered 'dumb' by intelligent types.
Thats a legit shoot. I was legit marking out for that.
by neil June 27, 2004
The most vile and insulting curse word ever created.
Yo dude that was so legit!
He died, like legit?!
by BeHeMoTh26 July 07, 2009
an adjective used to describe how awesome or kick ass something is!
it is meant to be used by girls of all ages and sounds terribly gay when a guy uses it.
"oh jade you too legit to quit"
"the shirt is legit bitch!"
"gerald isnt as legit as wes, but wes is forsure not as legit as jade!"
"LEGIT is jade's word, not wes'..."
by bipolar bitch vega July 01, 2009
Cool Or Great
Thats So Legit!
by Gabbsyer February 08, 2009
1) Being real and not being a poser, a fake, or a fraud.
2) The team from Stephen F. Austin High School that owned at the DECA Pasadena trip in all the events. The legit team went undefeated at all the events, completed them the fastest, and even made a baloon and people started saying our name.
Oh man Will, Mark, Tony, Paige, Andrew, Joesph, Brittany, and two other girls totally owned the competion. Legit is the #1 DECA Team! UH-RAH!
by SFADECA October 22, 2007

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