short for legitimate. In the context of video games such as Diablo, that which is described by the adjective has been obtained without cheating or hacking.
There is no such thing as a legit Constricting Ring. -Diablo 2
by Rakeri August 11, 2003
A DUMBASS word that people say when hey drunk or are just being naturally retarded.
Drunk guy: I need another drink like LEGIT.

Sober guy: You've had enough dude.

Drunk Guy: Are you Legit?
by 11 Yrs Young November 04, 2012
Like "he was legit drunk".
Dude, you're legit drunk!
by kingofhillbillies November 28, 2011
Originally "le git" which is french for the coolest. Now used to describe cool objects, events, and people.
That concert last night was legit!
by OLOX October 14, 2011
Means 'for real' or in standard terms, 'fo realz.'
Can also be used as a synonym for: amazing, sexy, priceless, hot shit, the best of the best, can't be compared to, etc.
3. The legit unicorns are the best people in the the world and sooper dooper pooper ah-mazing.
Guy 1:Woah, dude! Look over there!

Guy 2:What's so amazing?
Guy 1:Its the fucking legit unicorns!
Guy 2:You mean numbers 1,2,3,4 and sometimes 5?!?!!?
Guy 1:DUH! lets take pictures!!!!!!!!!
by legitunicorn3 September 15, 2010
something real, accountable, and confirmable
To see if her number is legit, call it when you are near her.
by notjakob June 25, 2015
Shortened version of "Legitimate". Meaning something is genuine or real. Maybe also cool.
Wow George never lies, he's so legit!
by Soulja Boy 420 Copenhagen February 16, 2015
A combination of the words "legitimate" and "tits" used to describe an excellent pair of natural breasts.
"Damn, Chelsea's got some legits!"
by datwordplay September 11, 2013
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