short for legitimate. In the context of video games such as Diablo, that which is described by the adjective has been obtained without cheating or hacking.
There is no such thing as a legit Constricting Ring. -Diablo 2
by Rakeri August 11, 2003
From the south side meaning it will counteract a game in black market.

When you know that no one is going to catch you at that instant with the drug you just bought from the black market and that yes, it's the "real" thing.
It's a drug.
Goodworhty illegal substance contradicting the law.
Johnny dill sead : "You have the reafer? I got your naeno, ha iz legit."

Shanaynay : "lez smoke tha weed before me go zane man."
by extravagantvintriliquistsboob December 10, 2009
say your selling drugs, and you have a job, the money from the job is legit, the money from the drugs isnt.
the cops were asking me if my money was legit, and i told them yes.
by aK! February 22, 2007
Legit: Suspect at best.
Character 1: Yo! You checked out Malik's new ride?
Character 2: Shiiit... Cadillac. That bro's legit.

How do you think Malik obtained his new ride?
by mxj December 07, 2006
Tarah ashlee is hella fucking legit.
shes not fake
shes real
Tarah is hella legit.
by tarah ashlee August 02, 2007
A used substitute of "cool" or "awesome" in certain situations.
Hey dave! Did you see that jump? It was totally legit!!!
by neonerd September 30, 2004
Meaning cool,amazing,tight,awesome.. or anyother work you might use when somthing it outstanding
Man... That is so legit!
by SsJ0GoHaN September 06, 2004
a word commonly used in deb8 activites to express supreem coolness and aceptabilty to those who belive that they are infinatly smarter than everyone else
Miles: Hey Tripp did u steal ur cases from tara?
Tripp: Hell yea
Timmay: thats legit
by gpoe May 26, 2005

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