1. Let's Go (shorter way of saying it)
2. Let Go
1. I don't see how you can hate from outside of the club...you cant even get in...LEGGO! (Chris Brown, "Look At Me Now")

2. LEGGO MY EGGO!!! (popular waffle commercial)
by IamVers' July 29, 2011
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The most unintelligent way to say "Let's Go." Abbreviations are supposed to actually be shorter and easier to say than the original version. Not the same exact number of syllables. If you use this phrase other than to make fun of it, your IQ must be extremely low, or you must be trying entirely too hard to seem "cool." Please stop people. You sound stupid. Lego is a building block for children. Or the commonly kn own advertisement for Eggo waffles. The phrase "leggo" is just another example of a piece of shit that the rap community has given to popular culture. When rappers invented this word, they were thinking "Hmmmm, how fucking stupid can we sound?" And a bunch of idiots all over America fell for it. I am aware that this is not the real origin of the word, but that's besides the point. Point is, it's retarded; don't use it.
Yo dawg leggo to the mall and hit up some biddies and takem bak to da crib!

*Punches in face*
*Walks away without remorse*
by Middle Class White Male July 06, 2011
A shorter version of "Let's Go!"
TG: "I wanna Go to the mall"
Chanka: "LEGGO!"
by iChanKa June 20, 2010
derived from the original phrase "Let's go". Made internationally known by Chris Brown's 2011 smash hit 'Look at me now' featuring Busta Rhymes & Lil' Wayne
" I don see how you can hate from outside the club. You can't even get in!...LEGGO!
by DanielEarl May 14, 2011
Contraction of "let go", used as an exclamation. Contrary to popular belief, this word was not invented by rappers. It appeared 50 years earlier, on page 45 of "Asterix the Gaul" in 1961. In the frame, A Roman soldier protests when Asterix grabs him by his (magically long) beard.
Asterix (singing): Curlylocks, curlylocks, wilt thou be mine?
Roman soldier: LEGGO!
by Duvel 71 July 10, 2015
Lets get crazy right now.
Yeah, I'm the female monster ... You know that ... Everybody let's get crazy right now ... Leggo
by Babylonandon March 30, 2015
Exclamation, a contraction of "let go!" or "let go of...". Often found in Calvin and Hobbes

"Leggo my leg!!!", Calvin shouted as Hobbes was biting him there.
by Guguseli December 07, 2006
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