The hardest difficulty in the popular Xbox games Halo and Halo 2. Only to be attempted by people who have memorized enemy movements and reactions and are extremely patient and don't mind dying a few hundred times before getting to the next check point.
Holy shit dude, the snipers in legendary are fuckin' cheap as hell. I've died like 700 times.
#legend #halo #halo 2 #games #xbox #master chief
by Cyrus Vyle December 20, 2006
1 Adj. Something that is very good, or very high Quality
2 s-a. An expression yelled or shouted when one experiences a pleasant surprise
1. "that was legendary"
2. Family Member: "we just won the lottery"
#very good #excellent #good #superb #brilliant #great #not bad #not terrible
by Joey Fitzy December 29, 2005
A term reffering to an outing in which youths consume alcohol and get drunk. It also has a pose which is very similar to that of usain bolt.
see also - quality
bludd we be hitting up dah legendary tonitee you in?
#legendary #pose #quality #booze #field
by legendizzle July 21, 2009
An expresion of excitement/something going right/finding something you lost
*Finds lipgloss that was lost three weeks ago* "Legendary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
#awesome #great #fabulous #wow #omg
by _slinky_minx_ October 17, 2005
Death by monster cock penetration! A sort of blowjob, but the cock actually penetrates your brain and comes out through the back of the head. It's origins can be traced back to year 2008, in a class of retarded ass fucks where 2 people with a sick, perverted and dysfunctional mentality shine above the average cocksuckers. They are the masterminds behind this act!
I will give you Legendary!

Although, it is an action, legendary is to be given!

#legend #legend cock #legendary #monster cock #penetration
by sickassfuck January 29, 2009
My favorite word of all time
I am legendary, because i said so
by Legendary Nick February 12, 2005
See Deathbringer5. That is the true definition.
That guy is legnedary.
by Chris March 27, 2005
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