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Intensifier added to any word to take it's meaning to its highest power imaginable.
Win: Legendary win

Fail: Legendary fail

Kill: Legendary kill

Awesomeness: Legendary awesomeness

The Dude: The Legendary Dude

Dog's balls: Legendary Dog's balls

Weed: Legendary weed

pwned: Legendary pwned

Sex: Lengendary sex

Get it?
by Tenacious Faulker April 01, 2009
1 Adj. Something that is very good, or very high Quality
2 s-a. An expression yelled or shouted when one experiences a pleasant surprise
1. "that was legendary"
2. Family Member: "we just won the lottery"
by Joey Fitzy December 29, 2005
A term reffering to an outing in which youths consume alcohol and get drunk. It also has a pose which is very similar to that of usain bolt.
see also - quality
bludd we be hitting up dah legendary tonitee you in?
by legendizzle July 21, 2009
An expresion of excitement/something going right/finding something you lost
*Finds lipgloss that was lost three weeks ago* "Legendary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by _slinky_minx_ October 17, 2005
Death by monster cock penetration! A sort of blowjob, but the cock actually penetrates your brain and comes out through the back of the head. It's origins can be traced back to year 2008, in a class of retarded ass fucks where 2 people with a sick, perverted and dysfunctional mentality shine above the average cocksuckers. They are the masterminds behind this act!
I will give you Legendary!

Although, it is an action, legendary is to be given!

by sickassfuck January 29, 2009
My favorite word of all time
I am legendary, because i said so
by Legendary Nick February 12, 2005
See Deathbringer5. That is the true definition.
That guy is legnedary.
by Chris March 27, 2005