someone who ois so good at what they do
kurt cobain was a legend!
by james havlin September 08, 2003
A noun, commonly used by morons/chavs as an adjective. Means very good.
Guy: That film last night was pretty cool, huh.

Moron/chav: Yeah, it was legend.
by Conor Mullin October 03, 2008
1) A person who has gained respect by his/her peers for any reason. Most commonly used when a good bit of skill is produced in a football match.

2) A person who is the complete opposite, Chavs/Townies may call a complete d*ck a legend sarcastically

3) Leg, short for legend, pronounced Lej
1) Whhhhoooo Rossie Boi you Legend, go on my son!

2) Doby, what a legend! *Laughs*
by Urban Dictionary UK December 29, 2005
a legend is someone like karn singh mann, he cops alot of pussy and pwns ppl night and day
wooowww man, karn is some sort of legend.
by karn mann January 01, 2008
Someone with exceptional capabilities in any field, most notably in the sexual antics he or she performs. However this can also be used in a slightly worse way, for example if someone were to get intimate with someone of the opposite sex akin to a hippo. example below is of the worse variety
See Rob pullin fat beth? Fucking legend!
by Appo November 10, 2003
'LEGEND'a God among words,whos kingdom stretchs the fast world of coolness and ultimate Pefection.
Legend is a great word used to decribe somthing which is F**king brillian {in leman's terms} or brilliant.what a word!
DSD{including the sprinters} are LGENDS beyond any doubt!
by a to the z, AaROn May 14, 2005
a complete legend, with legendary clothes, and often will dress like an EMMA DAVIES, or any other legendary girl. As they love each other.
"Oh my God! Look at that guy, he's got Prada trainers, beige trousers AND a red puffa coat on! What would you call him?!"

by sARAH jAYNE hEARTS gIAN sEB March 01, 2009

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