I wouldn't say such things about someone you don't know. Especially one with such power. If you want to say something about me, please say it to my face. I might consider killing you faster. Yes, I am creepy, manipulative, evil, somewhat psycotic, have a SERIOUS dislike twords humans and have tele powers that I don't think anyone would be fool enough to tamper with.
The night is young and the world is younger.
by Legato October 22, 2003
Top Definition
In the Japanese anime television series Trigun, a villain with psychic and telekinetic powers. In appearance, he has blue hair, yellow/amber eyes, and wears a white coat that is decorated with spikes and a human skull. Legato is a complete and utter sadist who obeys the orders of his master, Millions Knives, with absolute devotion. His purpose in life is to make Vash the Stampede, the show's protagonist, experience the true pain of life.
"Despite his sadistic and malicious tendencies, there are a lot of fangirls who are in love with Legato Bluesummers."
by silverarm January 16, 2004
one sexy man..*drools*...if you like evil sadists...o.0x
Legato's my bitch.
by no one important October 23, 2003
Evil minion to Millions Knives... Under the his command is the Gung Ho Guns... Does Millions Knives' dirty work... Used to sacrifices Vash's innocence..
Great guy don't ya think -_\\
by BJ & MJ October 04, 2003
someone who is a little on the crazy side side but very sexy ans loyal.
make use of your time
by Chantell Davis November 11, 2003
one of the main villians in Trigun. Leader of the gung ho guns. Is also able to control people's bodies through use of his powers, as well as use the angel arm, if he had a gun.
by Anonymous August 14, 2003
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