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a drug which is usually more harmful for you than illegal drugs.

Legal Drugs Include:

Alcohol: worse than heroin- this legal drug, over time will destroy your personality and who you used to be, commonly, you lose your friends, family and brain to this drug.

Zanax: (in large doeses of course) Makes you a social hermit and causes cognitive disfunctioning even after effects wear off. make sure you dont take this drug too often.

Legal Bud: well, you mine as well just throw your money out the window or wipe your ass if you think about buying legal bud.

...The list goes on and on and on but time doesnt so... remember... legal drugs are DANGEROUS!
Kid 1: Hey dude! lets take some legal drugs like benadryl or nutmeg and get really fucked up!
Kid 2: Yeah man! i love not knowing if im in reality, and i loveee stomach aches and the shits!
Kid 1: Or we could smoke that legal herb i bought over the internet, that stuff gets me soooo baked!
by Chriscu October 20, 2007
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