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Conforming to laws and/or rules. Accepted by a ruling or administrative body.
Hippy 1: Alcohol is legal, man, but pot isn't, man.
Hippy 2: I know, man, what's up with that, man? I mean, who says what's legal, man?
Police: Open up! We know what you're doing and it's not legal!
by El Fredo October 26, 2004
18 29
pretty much everything that isn't fun.
1. man, i wanted to smoke some weed at the park but i can't because its not legal

2. we can't do fun things like weed, steal and vandalize because its not legal damn it!
by ms. mitchell October 20, 2007
14 26
1) Enemy of the word illegal, anything deemed legal is a rule set down by the law or government the we are told 'upstanding' people adhere to

2) Describing a woman or man who looks like they maybe over the legal age of consentual sex within that country

3) Can be used to describe an act/person/thing as wrong
1) Dave was an entirely legal man, he never broke the law once

2) After sleeping with cindi he was disappointed to hear she was legal

3) Jake "aw that just aint legal"
by Adam Intern October 27, 2004
20 32
Any female above the age of 16
when roses are red they're ready to be plucked and now you're 16 you can be legally fucked
by dirty kev October 08, 2003
15 32
Your 16th birthday....or so they say!
Mary:" yay, its my birthday today!"

Joe: "how old are you now?"

Mary: "sixteen"

Joe: "Your legal!"
by pogostick October 26, 2004
13 34
Stuff only pussies and goody goodies do. The opposite of illegal. Something that is half as fun as illegal stuff.
Beating people is legal until they say no twice, then its rape. Rape is not a sexual crime, its an extremely violent crime where you cum.
by Alex October 26, 2004
13 35
Cool, raw, legit, looking good. It is often used in a greeting, or describing how someone or something looks, acts, appears, or works. Also, legal often preceeds the adjictive "pretty".

"Lookin' pretty legal" Describing how someonr looks good.
"That shirt's pretty legal" Describing how a shirt looks good.
"That bike is pretty legal" Describing how a bike looks good.
by The Sea April 06, 2011
3 27