A) If a girl is above the age of consent she is legal. In New York a girl is legal if shes 17 or older.
B) Not against the law, an act your allowed to do
A) guy1: "damn she's hot, i'd tap that"
guy2: "dude there's no way she's legal"
guy1: "Fucking jail bait"
B) Sometimes its legal to kill someone...sweet
by Alec81484 October 26, 2004
Allowed within the confines of the law, sometimes regardless of ethics or morals.
Because of their tight grip on politicians, big corporations influence legistlation and are allowed to behave in ways that are not legal for ordinary citizens.
by pylbug October 27, 2004
Termo em português brasileiro para dizer que algo é interessante, surpreendente, descolado ou na moda
by Warpaintk April 14, 2015
In portuguese, it means Cool
Eu sou legal - I am cool
by GamerGirl01 April 07, 2015
Approved statement signed into law used as a point of guardians in order to provide security.
An unexpired identification account from the federal, state, and/ or local government agency with a picture, address, Birth-date, and signature pertaining to an individual can be used to prove legal existence of a person.

An individual or a group is legally subjected to the signature of acceptance of a service or a product outcome.
by Kniyi Adedoyin June 12, 2012
Synthetic marijuana, Fake weed, spice, "potpourri" that you smoke to get high. (Ex. K2, Scooby snax)
That legal we smoked last night had me way too gone.
by BL123 June 11, 2013
cool, awsome, radical, far out.
Legal is a term used to express good feelings or approval.
it is derived from the portugese term for cool (LEE-GAL)
"this rainbow scarf is LEGAl"

"yesterday was fucking LEGAL,MAN."

"wow, this is a legal swell."

by AMI is legal November 26, 2006

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