A) If a girl is above the age of consent she is legal. In New York a girl is legal if shes 17 or older.
B) Not against the law, an act your allowed to do
A) guy1: "damn she's hot, i'd tap that"
guy2: "dude there's no way she's legal"
guy1: "Fucking jail bait"
B) Sometimes its legal to kill someone...sweet
by Alec81484 October 26, 2004
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Referring to the age at which a young woman's assets are tappable by law.
Damn, it's about time the Olsen twins became legal.
by Bernie October 27, 2004
Didn't get caught by the cops.
Dude, I've done this a thousand times, it's totally legal.
by kim October 26, 2004
Somethin reefer should be.
Legalize it!
by Obsidian FatKid August 31, 2003
Another term for Herbal Incense.
Hey Miles, Let's smoke some Legal!!
by StukIn850 March 25, 2011
A one-word oxymoron, when it comes to the profession called "legal".
by Downstrike September 13, 2004
Shit you can do without being thrown in jail
"Apparently ass rape is not legal"
by BONGO BILL October 26, 2004

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