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1. an anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic and anti-facist organization rocking the 40 oz.

2. possibly the greatest band ever to intertwine skanking, headbanging, riots, and unity.

God, dude, that Leftover Crack show was the best concert i've ever went to. Did you hear about those cowardly skinhead riots afterwards? I wish those close-minded bigots would actually listen to the words of Stza and the crack rock steady beat. I think the world would be a better place.
by thepinktarantula December 15, 2004
the supreme oxymoron.Also a satanic ska band who formerly known as choking victim.
there ain't no such thang as leftover crack biatch!
by Alex Delarge March 26, 2003
To shit, to defecate.
I just made a huge leftover crack in my pants.
by jizzum March 11, 2004
A stupid, Satanic rock band whose music glorifies all of the worst aspects of human behavior. Some of the activities glamorized in their music include theft, rioting, drug use, mass murder, and suicide. Their message tends to be very hypocritical, as they claim to be against racism and sexism, yet they find nothing wrong with encouraging bigotry and violence against others based on their political stances, religious beliefs, or careers. In other words, they feel that blind hatred towards some groups is wrong, but blind hatred towards other groups is worthwhile and honorable. One of their most well- known songs from back when they were known as Choking Victim was a song entitled 'Crack Rock Steady.' The central message of that song was how cool it was to murder police officers (In Leftover Crack's twisted worldview, ALL police officers are evil, corrupt pigs who should all be killed indiscriminately). They took an indefinite hiatus after their drummer Brandon Possible died in 2004 from a drug overdose (A fitting end for the self- centered, self- destructive lifestyle they've chosen for themselves). Their guitar melodies are repetitive, their vocalist's voice resembles a very hung- over Oscar the Grouch, and their lyrics are generally mediocre at best, and simply serve as a means for them to spew hatred towards Christians, police officers, and other largely undeserving targets. In less than ten years, all of them will probably be either dead (Most likely from either a drug/ alcohol overdose like Possible, or suicide), in prison, or working at a McDonalds.
Satan is probably a fan of Leftover Crack, since their music corrupts many impressionable youths and leads them into Hell.
by someone saved March 14, 2006