the pieces of crap that float back up into the toilet bowl after you flush down a huge shit
Oh man, I tried to flush down that huge dump from the chinese food, but a few little leftovers floated back up.
by jsnizzow August 10, 2010
when wearing and kind of shorts or pants that are not basketball shorts, the excess of the pants or shorts looks like a bonor
DUDE, YOU GOT Left Overs
by dsrg June 09, 2007
When a guy dumps you for a slut you become the leftover
Cody's leftover is going out with Adam tonight!
by Jess Rox March 10, 2005
a person who is ugly and off brand and cant dress who think they all that and a side of grits.
That boy is left over.
by Miep gies June 07, 2005
the amount of weed remaining in one's stash on april 21st leftover from a dank 4-20 chronfest
hey man, are you feeling a leftovers sesh???
by hen hen April 24, 2007
The remaining alcohol left in the bottles after a party.
God damn my head hurts...hey those bottles aren't empty - leftovers!!
by AlcoholRox January 30, 2007
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