Having ones dignity removed by Mr Machony Leeoun.
having ones dignity removed by anyone, but in the fashion of Machony Leeoun.
The very sound of a mounted Mg42 is a portent for all who should be unfortunate enough to hear it’s beckoning. For the weapons bellicose nature repines all life by taking it so efficiently. Aided by the Argus-eye of the proprietor, the mounted Mg42 leeowns all.
by Sweet Lavender November 27, 2003
Top Definition
To get jacked up the arse; to get rumaged in the brown hole; to receive the stinky pole. (esp. refers to Mack Lee)
Did you see that gay porno, Mack Lee? That guy bending over got totally leeowned!
by Dank Sewage December 01, 2003
Being physically injured or having one's pride debased in a severely embarrasing manner, usually signified by an opposing party's complete lack of effort to cause the injury.
Did you see Goggles totally leeown BA Baracus by running him over with the jeep?
by Steve James November 27, 2003
The word used by teh leeowner of many after someone gets killed or leeowned
Hey Mack i just leeowned you

A usual counter by Mack would be "I'll spawn camp your momma Dennis in bed then ban her from my bedroom server"
by The Dennis November 27, 2003
Being owned by Machony Leeoun is the only use for it, because it is his last name. So therefor, only he can Leeown.
"Why don't you leave the game, you already got leeowned!"
by Tommy Totone November 18, 2003
To get Mack Lee's own definition of "Leeowned" removed from this website.
As in I just 'Leeowned" your word Mack.
by Cthulugus January 15, 2004
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