A word used from the stalking of the brilliant British girls on Facebook! The G.N.O. word of the year. A word used to replace any good complimenting adjective.
"Look at her, she is sooooo LEEDS!"
"Omg, that is so LEEDS!"
"What a fabulous boy, he must be LEEDS"
by gnogirlswhatupppppppp April 19, 2010
Leeds Is a northern City in England. Can be refered to as the capital of the North! Does not in anyway Have a similar population to London. And is no way as cool.. But is lots more friendly and defiantly much cheaper...(much much cheaper) the city centre is cool enough some good venues and awesome People.. I hear Quid Pro Quo on greek st is a great Bar with many beautiful bar staff. The women are by definition cheap and easy and the yorkshire Men are indeed Piss drinking tossers...However there is a large transient Work population and something in the region of 75000 students.. is good fun and worth a visit for the easy sex and cheap beer!!
Lets go upto Leeds and smashed on cheap beer and shag some Northern girls
by Dom Pen December 06, 2007
a large modern city situated in west yorkshirewith a small football team (leeds utd) which wallows in the 3rd level of English football.
Nobody likes Leeds Utd. Their fans are amongst the lowest of the low & great pleasure is being had by those who are enjoying watching the club slowly slide away into oblivion. It is something their fans deserve.
by Dr Fox May 08, 2007
Although undoubtedly worth visiting, Leeds is a place where nobody in their right mind would want to live. The Men in Leeds have an unbearably camp accent and a penchant for drinking urine. The Women in Leeds are common and easy making it ideal for nights out, but get out when you sober up, avoid pints of piss and tell no one what you’ve done.

I think the Women drink wee too.
You're out in Leeds? I'll see you tomorrow, don't forget to wrap it.
by bashment January 15, 2007
er... Apparently Leeds is the capital of the North. Not
yeah right because Liverpool and Manchester are not Northern cities
Some people need to get out of their city o_O
by Rosefan June 22, 2005

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