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A ledgemeister is a noun used to describe a person. It is formed with 2 basic words : Ledgend and meister. A ledgend being someone whose actions or personality are simply too good to be qualified as "normal" and a meister being one of the leaders of a specific class in society (in this case ledgends).
It is absolutely necessary to precise that the term ledgemeister was created by the flat6ers of william morris tower , university of essex, namely Danny, Robin, FRENCH !!!, and Seanny (aka the wanker). These four people are therefore the leaders of the ledgmeister class and shall be referred as "Grand Ledgemeister" (especially french who is the "absolute ledgemeister").
actions that would make you elligible for this title :
- earning many manpoints (i.e. Legolas in Helm's Deep battle)
- using unforgettable sentences : "i am JON1OP !!! LET ME PLAY !!!"
- acting like a ledgemeister : i.e. passing contract law after 2 hours revision.
- Living in flat6 (apart from room 11)
- Being french
- masturbating more than sean (i warn you it's pretty much impossible)
- AND ... many many other things ... find by yourselves ;)
by David Garibian June 03, 2006
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