a tight fitting pants that cut off genitiles
by matt July 23, 2003
Top Definition
From Germany, they are pants made of leather, hence "leder(leather) hosen(pants)."
I think my lederhosen are one size too small.
by Galloping Ghost June 08, 2005
lederhosen: (lay-der-hose-in) (n.)

a traditional German outfit consisting of high socks, a green felt hat, a dress shirt, suspendors, and leather pants that compact a guys wiener sausage
Mein fraulein, maybe if you make dasht sauerkraut, we can have freaky lederhosen sex later tonight.
by biblical scholar July 02, 2010
A type of pants worn as high as they can on guys.
by B-dawg July 23, 2003
how you say goodbye to your hosen, usually used by german pimps
*man leaving group of girls* lederhosen! *girls respond* byeee!
by funny guy? June 15, 2011
God's ROFLCopter
God:haha, Lederhosen, ROFLCopter!!!!!
Angel: LOL
by Glenovich July 25, 2008
This word has recently taken on a new meaning: cool, awesome, great, etc.
You: Did you hear the new Green Day CD?
Me: Yeah, it's really lederhosen!
by So_lederhosen January 19, 2005
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