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From Germany, they are pants made of leather, hence "leder(leather) hosen(pants)."
I think my lederhosen are one size too small.
by Galloping Ghost June 08, 2005
lederhosen: (lay-der-hose-in) (n.)

a traditional German outfit consisting of high socks, a green felt hat, a dress shirt, suspendors, and leather pants that compact a guys wiener sausage
Mein fraulein, maybe if you make dasht sauerkraut, we can have freaky lederhosen sex later tonight.
by biblical scholar July 02, 2010
how you say goodbye to your hosen, usually used by german pimps
*man leaving group of girls* lederhosen! *girls respond* byeee!
by funny guy? June 15, 2011
This word has recently taken on a new meaning: cool, awesome, great, etc.
You: Did you hear the new Green Day CD?
Me: Yeah, it's really lederhosen!
by So_lederhosen January 19, 2005
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