Lebanon is a small town near Nashville, and there's not much to do. Your best bet for having a good time is to drive around and look at the pretty landscape, or go out to eat somewhere on West Main. Or you could buy drugs from some black kid at LHS.
All in all there's not much to complain about, though, because Nashville is so close. People who complain about living in Lebanon are doing so just so they can write sceamo music about how sad they are that they're from a small town. Or, they just can't drive, which sucks for them.
People in Watertown like to say they're from Lebanon. People in Lebanon like to say they're from Nashville.
They are all idiots.
1: Where do you live?
2: Nashville! 615! Woo!
1: Really?
2: No...I live in Lebanon. *shame* It's...well, it's close.
by Lebanite October 03, 2010
Lebanon: the sort of thing you would use to sort out your bake and rake,from your shake and bake..wen its all confusing and back to front..lebanon will sort it out fo sho!
two ticks and a shake of a tail this guy got it goin on pure badass genious..everybody wants to mate with this freak of nature,he is as cool as a cat,smooth as a tree bark totally phresh and will fuck you up bad if you dare cross him..
he is not co - cky and will stick up for his foes wen needed,but dont fuck wit this kid he will fuck you rite up!!!!
so if you down with this nigger everything is gonna go ur way,if u aint YOU IN FOR A WORLD OF SHIT.BITCH.
A small town in central-eastern Pennsylvania with few redeeming qualities populated primarily by close minded people, none of whom had the balls to migrate away from this God-forsaken town. No nightlife, essentially unattractive people, and nothing in the way of culture. Most of the men are ignorant douche bags and the women are either fat and/or are desparately involved with the douche bags because they are so afraid to be alone they are willing to compromise and accept what little Lebanon has to offer. Come visit if you are seeking an extremely mediocre experience and you have a strong desire to experience regret.
I was initially upset about having to have an anal probe until I realized that at least I wasn't in Lebanon.
by PaLawDawg November 08, 2009
The capital of Boone county in Indiana. Known to much of Boone county as "lebtucky", for unknown reasons.

The high school system, like many, is full of teens who don't give a crap, probably wont go to college, and spend their days being queer, getting suspension (for drug posession usually), getting girls pregnant, or getting pregnant (depending on idividual person). Seriously, LPHS puts the "High" in "High school".
The High school football team is "The Lebanon Tigers".
K, kid from lebanon,:"Hey, ever wondered what dick tastes like?"
J, Kody's friend, also from lebanon:"Yeah, you?"
K:"Yeah. Wanna suck each other off?"
*Gayness ensues*
by TickleTickle24 March 28, 2011
The country with a flag as their national flag
"Look at Lebanon's flag, it's a tree!!!"
by Darian Hadjiabadi February 27, 2008
this shitty little city in pennsylvania. i should know. it's boring as fuck. but i guess some people like it.

home of the lebanon cedars. which suck ass.
dood. this party sucks! it's almost as bad as lebanon!
by erin :D August 17, 2008
actually.. lebanon is less known as the most fucking redneck town in southwest virginia. it sweats george bush, rifles, and wranglers. its wanna be rich trailor trash. they live their lives wishing they were from abingdon.. a slightly less redneck in the area. lebanon high is a joke. they come to abingdon high with their fucking pioneer and get laughed at.
driving down the main street i see NOTHING just consignment shops and churches.
by 07bitches May 03, 2005

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