A hospital in the Bronx.
1) Bronx Lebanon hospital is not St. John's hospital.

2) Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center is the largest voluntary, not-for-profit health care system serving both the South and Central Bronx.
by sux0r April 16, 2007
Israel's etch-a-sketch
Israeli General: Lebanon is rebuilding, time to blow the shit out of it again.
by whitemarley October 10, 2010
A small town east of Nashville in Tennessee. Occasionally mistaken for the country of Lebanon, but not as often as one would think. Years ago, rednecks began to pronounce it "leb-nun" and at this point, even the implants from the north pronounce it in that dumbass way. Idiots like to call it "L-Town" to make it sound cooler.

Lebanon has a movie theater that was cool until Mt. Juliet got a way better one. There are lots of shitty strip malls. There is a shitty outlet mall.

There is a fairly large population of rich, old Republicans, who are the ones running the government. They like to feel as if they live in a cute town with little shops and antique stores and Victorian mansions. They like to promote "Historic Downtown Lebanon." But unfortunately, there are not enough cobblestones to make Lebanon this picturesque. Also there is not a Starbucks. They should just move to Franklin.

The only people who hang around "downtown" are poor fuckers from god-awful Watertown (which is miraculously smaller than Lebanon) and old people who like to whittle pieces of wood.

Every year, Lebanon is home to the Wilson County Fair, which is the largest county fair in Tennessee. It's probably good if you like fairs, but you must remember that it contains a high concentration of Lebanon's residents. NYLON Magazine wrote an article about it in 2009, which made the minuscule high school hipster population piss themselves.
Person 1: Where are you from?
Person 2: Lebanon.
Person 1: Woah, you're Lebanese?
Person 2: No, Lebanon, Tennessee.
Person 1: Oh! That place has an Outlet Mall, right? I went there once. There's a Pac Sun there, isn't there?
Person 2: Yeah, and a Bath and Body Works Outlet. What the fuck is that? Even a mildly good store is turned to a shit "outlet" store in Lebanon.
by Glad I Moved To Nashville September 30, 2010
A small town in Pa, with nothiing to do but hang out at the local Wal*Mart, football games and bowling on a Sunday night. The only good place to hang out is in Anville and you can get from point A to point B in 15 miuntues or less, and if it takes you 20 minutes, you got behind an old person. Theres many diners in the town, but the one to get Chocochip Pancakes at 2 in the morning is the Hearth and the best pizza is from A&M. We hang out in Mt. Gretna in the summer and buy 10 dollar sundeas for no reason and we have to drive anywhere to do decent shopping becasue our mall has 3 stores that are worth stopping for. Cedar Crest and Lebanon are the two schools that rule the area and everyone else sucks.
A: What should we be do tonight?
B: Theres nothing in Lebanon...
A: Let's go to Harrisburg
by lmo5052 March 05, 2009
Lebanon is a small town near Nashville, and there's not much to do. Your best bet for having a good time is to drive around and look at the pretty landscape, or go out to eat somewhere on West Main. Or you could buy drugs from some black kid at LHS.
All in all there's not much to complain about, though, because Nashville is so close. People who complain about living in Lebanon are doing so just so they can write sceamo music about how sad they are that they're from a small town. Or, they just can't drive, which sucks for them.
People in Watertown like to say they're from Lebanon. People in Lebanon like to say they're from Nashville.
They are all idiots.
1: Where do you live?
2: Nashville! 615! Woo!
1: Really?
2: No...I live in Lebanon. *shame* It's...well, it's close.
by Lebanite October 03, 2010
A small town in Central Pennsylvania. Known for it's segregation of middle to upper class white people in the southern suburbs and lower class white/hispanics in the downtown to northern parts of the city. The area is strained by relations between hispanics who moved here from more liberal fast-paced urban areas and older white folks who have lived here for generations and have a slower more conservative way of life. The town itself is very economically depressed with a mainly blue collar temp agency-based work-force. There is an overwhelming consensus among young people that the town is desolate and has no hope for any future for those who want more out of life other than working at walmart, living in an ugly rowhome, and collecting welfare in order to afford to shop at walmart. Ironically, the vast majority of those same youth only have the initiative to leave Lebanon if they join the military or college. The remaining stay in town, live with their parents, or condemn themselves to a mediocre life angry at the world as if their problems are everyone else's fault but their own. It's an interesting place to be FROM but a horrible place to live unless you are absolutely desperate for a cheap cost of living.
Outsider: Where are you from?
Resident: Lebanon
Outsider: Umm isn't that where terrorists live?
Resident: No man, it's a shitty town in Pennsylvania

Example 2

OldResident: Hey where are you from?
NewResident: I'm from California. I just moved here.
OldResident: WHAT?????!!! Why the fuck would you move here? Are you crazy?!
by JayBear December 15, 2013
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