The most modern, westernized and european country in the middle east.
-Lebanon is the only country in the middle east with no desert.
-The ancient Phoenician civilization is now present day Lebanon
-Lebanese people are an ethnic mix of French, Arabic and Italian. When the Romans invaded Jerusalem in the year 70 CE, they settled in the Bekaa valley. This is why there are Roman Ruins in Baalbeck. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the French colonized Lebanon and settled in and brought their culture and influence into the cities. The Lebanese Christians are Maronite, descents of French Catholics. While Lebanon is a middle eastern country made up of Arabic people they were also influenced by european cultures.
- Country with the best food in the middle east. Kebabs, garlic sauce, rice and tabooleh is the best!
- The only country to have fashion designers in LVMH outside of Europe. Armani, Chanel, Valentino, etc are all European, but Lebanons designers: Elie Saab, Reem Acra, Zuhair Murad and Abed Mahfouz have Haute Couture fashion houses in Paris and Milan as well.
- Lebanon is called the "Switzerland of the Middle East" and its main city Beirut is called "The Paris of the middle east"
-Beirut is the most modern and European city in the middle east.
-Lebanon is known for having the most beautiful women in the world. Men in all the Muslim countries are told in Madrasas (arabic schools) that they should Pray to Allah(SWT) to get a Lebanese wife. All the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models are Lebanese. Known for having beautiful blue eyes, amazing curves and million dollar smiles

Lebanon is a great country with beautiful people, churches, mosques and food. They are peaceful and fun loving people. They are very friendly and will invite you to their homes and it doesnt matter if you are muslim or christian they welcome you with open arms.
by Sam Abdullah November 03, 2006
lebanon is the greatest country ever, birthplace of St. Sharbel, vacation spot of me, sharbel
italian and syrian kid: i wish i was lebanese

sharbel: i no u do, its great
by sharbel January 25, 2004
A great place to be!

So exciting, great food,
The people are very nice there!
EXCEPT the driving i will never drive there it is too scary, but seems fun to always honk!

Too bad there is a war now! Stupid Israels!!!!
If you wanna travel anywhere where would it be?

Of course Lebanon!
by Celinee July 23, 2006
1) Lebanon is the most beautiful country in the world. Many call it the Europe of the Middle-East. It is the only place I know where you can go skiing and swim in a real beach on the same day.

Sadly, there have been many religious and ethnic wars which have destroyed the country over and over. But, we always end up rebuilding it to be more beautiful than ever.

2) Lebanese are always capable of knowing each other's origins for some reason.

3)Our women always fight over who should wash the dishes while the men discuss politics.

4) We are the inventors of Frarabic (French Arabic), which I also like to call French Tourettes. Sometimes, when you can't find a word in arabic, you involuntarily replace it with a French word (Sometimes English) while replacing the "P" sounds with "B" sounds.

5) Overly polite amogst each other, not always polite amogst others.

6) It takes us about an hour to say good-bye (Applies to all arabs)

7) Our women have natural beauty. Despite their hairy bodies, they wax often so it does not show.

8) Ever try Kibbi Nayi, Tabbouleh, Fattoush or Hommous? If you did, you would swear off all fast food forever.

9) God save Lebanon!
1) Bob: Wow! Have you ever been to Lebanon?
Joe: Nope.
Bob: Oh my freaking God! It's AMAZING!

2) Tarek: Inta min il loubnen?
Fadi: Kif 3rifit?

Translation: Tarek: You're lebanese?
Fadi: How'd u know?

3)Leila: A3teeni sa7nik, yalla
Lilian: Mish ma32ooli inti! Inti a3teeni sa7nik
Leila: Yalla, inti bi bayti, a3teeni sa7nik 7abibti!
*And so on and so forth

Translation: Leila: Come on, give me your plate!
Lilian: I can't believe you! You give me your plate!
Leila: Come on, you're in my house, give me your plate honey!

4) Ghassan: Wa2afni il Bolice mbara7.
Jiryis: Lezzim tintibhi aktar.
Ghassan: Akhad il Auto taba3i kamen!

5) Sans definition

6) -O.K. Bye!
-Bye say hi to your wife!
-Ok you say hi to yours!
-Make sure you come back soon
-You should come to our house sometime
-Incha allah!
-And bring your kids, too!
-Of course. How old is your son again?
-Oh, he's turning fifteen soon.
-Wow he's becoming a man
*Three hours later*
-No way! I thought he was dead!
-No he's still alive, but he's in the hospital.
-O.K., I think I need to get going now!
-All right, see you!
-See you!
(Talk trash about each other once door closes)

7) -Have you seen Rita?
-And her friend Mayy isn't bad either.
-You think I got a shot?
-Good luck.

8) -Dude, Oh My GOOOD! I went to this arabic wedding yesterday!
-I'm never eating McDonald's again!!

9) See audio on top left of page
by FadieZ March 23, 2006
A great place to be, but not right now!

So exciting, great food,
The people are very nice there!
It's quite exotic and fancy, like Dubai

because of f*ckin hezbollah and those damn rockets that America keeps supplying, Lebanon is ruined.
lebanon is a great place

not right now tho :-(
by ethanazn August 27, 2006
Lebanon is a country in the Middle East which is thirty percent Christian and has a stronger economy than Syria, run by a thirty-five year-old eye doctor, Bashar al-Assad, who cannot muster much popular support even among his own people.

Famous Americans of Lebanese descent include - Danny Thomas, Jamie Farr, Christy McNichol, and brothers Michael and Tony Shalhoub
Popular resentment on Lebanon is now being directed not as the United States or Israel, but at the dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad
by Mark M March 19, 2005
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
Now the earth was formless and empty..God Created Lebanon
Lebanon : check Roger Waters - Leaving Beirut
by Floyds September 25, 2006
Tinas Country..
i wish i was from lebanon

yes you do....
by Tina January 24, 2004

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