1) Lebanon is the most beautiful country in the world. Many call it the Europe of the Middle-East. It is the only place I know where you can go skiing and swim in a real beach on the same day.

Sadly, there have been many religious and ethnic wars which have destroyed the country over and over. But, we always end up rebuilding it to be more beautiful than ever.

2) Lebanese are always capable of knowing each other's origins for some reason.

3)Our women always fight over who should wash the dishes while the men discuss politics.

4) We are the inventors of Frarabic (French Arabic), which I also like to call French Tourettes. Sometimes, when you can't find a word in arabic, you involuntarily replace it with a French word (Sometimes English) while replacing the "P" sounds with "B" sounds.

5) Overly polite amogst each other, not always polite amogst others.

6) It takes us about an hour to say good-bye (Applies to all arabs)

7) Our women have natural beauty. Despite their hairy bodies, they wax often so it does not show.

8) Ever try Kibbi Nayi, Tabbouleh, Fattoush or Hommous? If you did, you would swear off all fast food forever.

9) God save Lebanon!
1) Bob: Wow! Have you ever been to Lebanon?
Joe: Nope.
Bob: Oh my freaking God! It's AMAZING!

2) Tarek: Inta min il loubnen?
Fadi: Kif 3rifit?

Translation: Tarek: You're lebanese?
Fadi: How'd u know?

3)Leila: A3teeni sa7nik, yalla
Lilian: Mish ma32ooli inti! Inti a3teeni sa7nik
Leila: Yalla, inti bi bayti, a3teeni sa7nik 7abibti!
*And so on and so forth

Translation: Leila: Come on, give me your plate!
Lilian: I can't believe you! You give me your plate!
Leila: Come on, you're in my house, give me your plate honey!

4) Ghassan: Wa2afni il Bolice mbara7.
Jiryis: Lezzim tintibhi aktar.
Ghassan: Akhad il Auto taba3i kamen!

5) Sans definition

6) -O.K. Bye!
-Bye say hi to your wife!
-Ok you say hi to yours!
-Make sure you come back soon
-You should come to our house sometime
-Incha allah!
-And bring your kids, too!
-Of course. How old is your son again?
-Oh, he's turning fifteen soon.
-Wow he's becoming a man
*Three hours later*
-No way! I thought he was dead!
-No he's still alive, but he's in the hospital.
-O.K., I think I need to get going now!
-All right, see you!
-See you!
(Talk trash about each other once door closes)

7) -Have you seen Rita?
-And her friend Mayy isn't bad either.
-You think I got a shot?
-Good luck.

8) -Dude, Oh My GOOOD! I went to this arabic wedding yesterday!
-I'm never eating McDonald's again!!

9) See audio on top left of page
by FadieZ March 17, 2006
A small town in western Oregon. A place that has many many pot heads and meth addicts. On top of that, the teen population is forced to do stupid things such as drinking, because there are no activities due to a new Super WalMart and a growing number of retirement homes. Whoopie!
Known for "The Largest Strawberry Shortcake in the World" and its Strawberry Festival.
Moe: Hey, wanna go get some weed at "The Garden Shop" and stop off at WalMart?

Larry: Ok!

Curly: Hey, wait! They turned that garden shop into a retirement home!

Moe & Larry: Damn!
by azncheergirl December 29, 2004
A country that is located next to syria. It is under going several wars and political issues, which it brought upon itself.
The Lebenese people in general are hypocrites, they complain and yell at Syria and their government to get out of their country, but when Syria decides to leave they are so dependent on them.
I can recall first hand thousands of lebenese civilians flocking to Syria in the summer of 2006 during the Isreal/Hezbollah war for protection.
Yet these people complain syrians do lebanon harm.
Lebanon and their people are a waste of time, although their country is very beatiful and there girls are hot, do not judge a book by it's cover there girls are whores and lebanon is very corrupt and dependent on Syria.

Yeah Ali those Syrians are so dumb, I hate them.
Please Syrian citizens let us rent out your apartments lebanon is sorry !!!
by Rawad May 30, 2007
The haven of the remains of Middle-eastern christianity,created out of the French province of Syria to cater for Christian needs but is now rapidly being pushed back towards Islamic domination. A country that wants to be everything it is not, believes its European, believes its rich, believes plastic surgery makes you beautiful, but scratch the surface and you'll find the Arab country the lebanese so painfully try to hide. Food is great but attempts to sell it as 'lebanese food' are foolish, it is exactly the same as Syrian food and strongly linked to Greek and Turkish food for that matter.

Full of people that deny their Arab heritage and refuse to speak anything but English and French, as if they would rather be ruled by colonial powers than stamp their own inherited identity on the country.
Wake up Lebanon, you're poor, pretentious, Arab and ruled from Damascus. GET A GRIP.
by col. January 26, 2005
Lebanon is a great country, it is the only country where ugly people can bang beautiful girls, its number 1 on the tourism list of Saudi people..Lebanese citizens have so many interests in life. womans main priority there is to enlarge their breasts and lips, speak the invented freshorabic wear trendy sunglasses.
men objectives are proportional to womans interests, the non fagot men are less than 10%,they think democracy is bullshitting and cursing certain ministers in the government.and all Lebanese citizens share 1 thing in common, blaming syria for their mis fortunate life events.
tony : hey there a sheep attacked my mom yesterday and banged her 10 times till death.
johnny : i am certain that it's a syrian sheep.

fahad : i am tired of banging saudi dudes in the ass
abdullah : lets go to lebanon, you can bang any sex there and you wont even know if its a man or a woman.
by Deformation September 07, 2007
Lebanon: An experiment that failed miserably. In 1948, Lebanon was created from Syrian land. The country is full of Arabs who pretend to be European due to an inferiority complex.
Lebanese often boast that they have the most whores in the middle east. This is true, the women are sleazy and can be cought easily. The women are so ugly that most of them undergoe plastic surgery, the highest rate in the middle east.

Lebanon is a place full os sectarian hatred. The people of Lebanon were famously known for killing their fellow citizens by glancing at the Religion on their identity cards. During the civil war lebanese were also known for butchering thousands of their fellow citizens with knives and killing babies.

In recent years the country did not want the Syrian military in Lebanon, and in return the Israelis bombed the hell out of lebanon in 2006 due to a lack of syrian protection.
Lebanese are most famously known for being pretentious and racist. For example, many Lebanese will have a sri Lankan maid that they abuse, physically or sexually. They are also racist against People of color.
Lebanon is a country full of hatred based on sect. If you dont hate, your not Lebanese
by Nijis April 10, 2009
After living their for 2 years it apparent that this counrty is the shities ever seen. Theirs to many snobby stuck up bitches their! Their music sucks along with their sports. No football, their basketball teams suck ass and no one can properly play basketball without altering the rules. This country sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lebanon is located right above the jews and right next to a bunch of syrians. The country is so small you can barely find it on a map.
by tozfeek May 07, 2006
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