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when the electricity suddenly goes out and there is a black out , or when the internet connection is so slow you feel like breaking your computer even though its not your computer with the issue .. its the shitty internet connection and shitty electricity.
Shadi: Fifa world cup is on its brazil vs. Argentina ! lets watch!
*electricity goes out*
shadi: damn .
ayman: Lebanon fail

i wanted to watch a video on the internet today but the internet connection was really slow
by CANADA_EH June 12, 2010
A level of fail equal to or greater than a deterant to your swagger inflicted by the conditions of the country of Lebanon. This fail trump all other fails, including the "epic" fail and can be experienced anywhere in the world.
I really wanted to watch that you tube video, but the internet Lebanon failed on me.

I definitely had 24 kills in Modern Warfare 2 but then the power went out mid-match. Lebanon Fail.
by LebanonFailure January 21, 2010
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