Met a nice one one time. The females are nice girls. 99% of the males however are orange haired, toothless sex maniacs who stand around Broadmedows trainstation threatning blonde Anglo-Saxon girls and their boyfriends. Like muscle cars but are always catching the train. Say BRO alot and listen to awful hip-hop music. Have garlic-breath and eat meat-pies alot. Try to kick-box, breakdance and rap- all at once.
*insert bad breakdance* "Yo bro...met a chick at the trainstation...she wanted lebbo cock...made her strip her clothes off...and then I bashed 20 cops...yo!" *insert high kick*. Talk about guns but have never seen one, flirt with their cousins and spit on the streets. Live in stoneage homes and worship some puny god named Allah, even though they've never read the Koran. Carry pages ripped out of porno mags in their back pockets and travel in packs with 100 cousins looking to beat up a guy taking his kids for a walk. I live in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. This is not racist. This is the truth. Parents can't speak a word of English usually. Embarassment to other arab nations. 90% hate Australia and it's way of life. Go home.

"Mate...who's that guy masturbating in public?"

"Some Lebanese pervert..."

by PepsiCola September 14, 2006
Top Definition
One who has originated from the country of Lebanon.
This gentlemen is Lebanese.
by Chafie K. May 06, 2003
What is the truth about the Lebanese? Are they really obsessed about money and sex? Well, yes most of them are. All the Lebanese that I have met think constantly about money and sex. Lebanese people are generally good looking, clean, and have a good ability to adapt. In general, Lebanese people are superior in education and intelligence to the rest of the Arabs; this is due to Lebanon's geographical location on the Mediterranean Sea and its history as a country of connection between the West and the East. This connection has brought openness and prosperity but also wars and destruction as the Lebanese people have never agreed on whether Lebanon should be of European character or of Arab Islamic character. Unlike any of its neighbours, Lebanon enjoys a mild climate and a green mountainous landscape. The Lebanese are 60% Muslim and 40% Christian. Lebanese people can be divided into 2 categories:
1.Lebanese living in Lebanon, 2.Lebanese living abroad in diaspora.
What is it with the Lebanese and their muscle cars?
by Randy James October 30, 2006
A lebanese person originates from the state of Lebanon. Although of Arabic character, the lebanese people have been largely influenced by european culture as Lebanon was once a colony of France. The lebanese people are diverse in religions and cultures, making up of various christian and islamic strands, its plurality makes it a very unique country of the middle east. The lebanese people are a peaceful people, but foreign intervention by the Arab Israeli conflict was one of the leading causes of the civil war between various christian and muslim militias. This steretype of lebanese as violent is a result of the media's attention on lebanese gangs and crimes commited by lebanese people. This stereotype is far from the truth!
What many people do not understand is that Lebanese people have made a huge impact worldwide. A list of renowned lebanese people include:
- Ralph Nader (ran for president of the USA, consumer rights advocate)
- Carlos Helu (Third richest man in the world)
- Shakira ( Singer, Half lebanese half latino)
- Steve Bracks (premier of victoria)
- Marie Bashir (governor general of New South wales)
- Joe Hashim (World Poker Champion)
by Antonio Elias January 24, 2007
people who came from the first democratic nation in the middle east, people who have many culures in on country the size of sydney and lebanon is not a desert country but a beautiful green country with 95% literacy rate... lebanese have been targets or blamed by other nations politicians as scape goats because of there foreign policies.which always played with the lives of other peoples of the world espeacially the mid east be it jews or arabs there not interested in peace only oil now who`s the terrorist please stop putting a hole race down because of your insecurities and why dont you get educated arseholes and plus im a handsome looking leb that is honest and hard working and i have an i.q rate of 180 now who is the dumb ass
a people
by January 12, 2004
Arabs in denial.
I'm not Arab, I'm Lebanese and it makes me sleep better at night.
by CedarKing July 10, 2008
everybody wishes they could be lebanese....
we tha fiinest ppl in the world, comin from tha hotteest country with the most beautiful girls and fiine guys.
all em otha countries in tha middle east wish they have what lebanon has
syrian: damn i wish i was lebanese

lebanese: hell yeahh bitch.
by leb_babigurrl May 10, 2005
1)The sexiest, richest, pimptacular people in the world. Origionated from the country of Lebanon.
Lebanese people don't take shit from anyone. Drive BMW's and Benz's usually seen picking up girls are clubs.
DAMN! I wish i could be lebanese!
by Jad November 11, 2004

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