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A syndrome caused by exessive and prolonged masturbation to pronographic materials which cause the penis to become desensitised, and hence become dried and shriveled making it impossible to become aroused again.
Fernando jacked off to so much damn porn that he got leather dick, and could no longer become sexually aroused. His piss now shoots sideways too.
by Soufpaw April 22, 2003
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When, after a party or rave involving excessive grinding of the groin upon a female's buttocks, the penis loses feeling (and occasionally purpose) for hours following the event.
"Dude, I was at the rave last night"
"Sounds awesome bro"
"Yeah, except I got a crazy case of Leather Dick, I can't feel shit down there"
by Richie McCringledick March 02, 2012
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The part of a soft leather belt that hangs down in front of a man's pant zipper; usually 3-6 inches of excess belt due to either the man's laziness or cheapness to buy a correct-fitting belt.
Jim came out of the bathroom and forgot to tuck his belt into the belt loop, which resulted in an impressive six inch leather dick.
by Twogeniuses May 24, 2011
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Girl: "I have the clap"
Boy: "it's cool, I have a leather dick"
by Snowflakediver June 07, 2016
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