A subtle way of telling someone that you are quite skilled at sucking dick.
John: I learned the clarinet at school.
Sherlock: (Oh my god)
by PseudoFanboy November 04, 2012
Euphimism for "I give great blowjobs" or “I give a fantastic blowjob”
Sarah: "Any special skills?"
John: "Learned the clarinet at school."
by justicecupcakes November 04, 2012
Euphemism for "I give a fantastic blowjob".
In BBC's TV miniseries Sherlock, John Watson, (boyfriend to Sherlock Holmes) is discussing his various talents which include physical and mental flexiblilty, parenthetically adding at the very end of a long list "I learned the clarinet at school."
by dappertophatter November 03, 2012
V. Euphemistic, means "giving a fantastic blowjob" among the more subtle circles of sex-driven musicality. Frequently whispered by lusty musicians both in and out of educational environments.
"Man that was some fine clarinet lernin' going on at school today," said J.W. as he wiped the cum from his lips.

"I certainly learned the clarinet at school well today."
by Mycroft H. November 03, 2012
Slang for 'able to give a fucking fantastic blowjob'.
"Let's just say she learned the clarinet at school," John replied, as his mates crowed loudly and patted him on the back.
by Ferretsoup November 04, 2012
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