V. Euphemistic, means "giving a fantastic blowjob" among the more subtle circles of sex-driven musicality. Frequently whispered by lusty musicians both in and out of educational environments.
"Man that was some fine clarinet lernin' going on at school today," said J.W. as he wiped the cum from his lips.

"I certainly learned the clarinet at school well today."
by Mycroft H. November 03, 2012
The term "learned the clarinet at school" is most commonly used by persons as a way of conveying the fact that they have been known to give fantastic oral sex, particularly on male genitalia.
"I learned the clarinet at school." John said, sending a wink in the direction of his room-mate.
by Calliope987 November 03, 2012
a euphemism for "I give a fantastic blowjob"
Person 1: so, any special talents?
Person 2: learned the clarinet at school.
by facething November 03, 2012
give a fantastic blowjob
Girl: EYYYY BOYy guess what? I learned the CLARINET at school.

Guy: Ohh gurl my bedroom is just a taxi ride away
by twotwoonebee November 03, 2012
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