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noun: A raging boner that a University of Wisconsin - Green Bay student receives upon the membership within one of the many "leadership opportunities" on campus. The leadership boner can result from membership in NRHH, NACURH, GLACURH, RHAA, CAB, Community Council, etc. The degree to which a leader is involved is measured by this boner. The more fully torqued an individual is, the more excited/involved he or she is with leadership opportunities. Presence of the leadership boner indicates that the individual holding the boner is sexually frustrated due to the lack of a sexual partner, or "fuck buddy." Reason being, leadership tends to inhibit a sex life.

Fun Fact:
The size of the leadership boner is also directly related to the amount of state funding wasted on "leadership opportunities." With the increasing size of the boner comes more wasteful spending.
"Mitchell, I noticed that you are fully torqued!"

"Yes, Aaron, indeed I am. I was just nominated for NRHH, and I'm on my way to CAB! All this leadership lately has given me a very full leadership boner."
by aarona09 November 23, 2011
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