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a scene kid that takes themselves too seriously and uses scene icons such as guns and robots and bandannas and ninjas often. often these le bang bangers make livejournals with lots of underscores.
"omgz that kid with the tight pants at the mcdonalds is so le bang bang!"
by chloetron April 06, 2005
<i>adj.</i> meaning a pre-teen who is exposed to the underbelly of the media and thinks that he/she is more cultured because of what they listen to/wear/watch/read. Usually possesses a myspace and a livejournal with a username that has several underscores or x's in them.
lolz those kids at the pop punk show looked so le bang bang with their white belts and madradhair!!1
by lolz it'z davey May 22, 2005

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