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Long Beach, California.
I from tha' east-side of tha' LBC, don't be fuckin' wit' me.
by nokianinja October 07, 2002
LBC is long beach california, but since then has been translated into Lunenburg County. LBC, although it stands for Lunenburg County it represents only the town and their youth.
Were from the LBC
Don't fuck with the LBC
by huskie October 24, 2006
Lower Bucks County (The Northeast suburbs of Philadelphia)
I roll from the LBC. The mean streets of Richboro yo.
by IPHardly April 03, 2007
London's Biggest Conversation
An UK talk FM radio station on 97.3 FM.
What you listening to?
Iain Lee On LBC 97.3 FM.
by ChrisJP August 29, 2007
it stands for LONG BEACH CRIPS or LONG BEACH CALIFORNIA interchangibly, dickwads, not Long Beach City.
i know these things, i'm the princess of long beach. literally.

too many to tell.

"I just got back from the LBC, man!"
"I'm part of the LBC, nig!"
by mel electrique January 10, 2007
LBC=Lebanese Broadcasting Corperation

Lebanese TV channel.

On Pay TV networks around the world.
Channel 50 on Optus TV in Australia-LBC
by SamirM May 27, 2006
longeros blasting crabs
damn them crazy ass longeros blasted those crabs yesturday.
by ck all day January 13, 2005
Langley, British Columbia.

A small city in Canada about an hour away from Vancouver.
Ay, where you from?
Oh I'm from the LBC.

Representin' the LBC, yo.
by mizTess August 09, 2006

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