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Long Beach, California.
I from tha' east-side of tha' LBC, don't be fuckin' wit' me.
by nokianinja October 07, 2002
N: Lickable-Butthole & Clittoris chick meaning a top notch bitch! Only 5% of the women in the world are this hot.
Timmy said, "Damn that's an lbc over yonder for sure. Wish I had a chance for a piece of that!"
by Treez DT January 03, 2011
1. Mainstream use refers to the City in Long Beach California.

2. Can also be used a diminutive for friends' names that start with letter L.
Names such as Lev, Leo, Lex, Lenny.
1. "Well qualified to represent the LBC.." - Sublime

2. -Yo, i called LBC and told him to 'stop hitting the table.'
by U-Tang Financial August 23, 2006
To me its Long Beach, CA the place I love and will always be from no matter where or for how long I live anywhere else.
The LBC is the city I claim. Palm trees, white bitches and slangin cane.
by Dan "GThang" Gallegos September 07, 2004
Lost Boyz Crew
The Hoffman Estates Police Department arrested 8 delinquents for vandilism in the local area, their vadalizers crew name is LBC.
by You Already Know Who It IS August 08, 2009
Lax Bro Chill, to be the chillest bros out there you have to play lax and be chill, To just chill and hangout while laxn and drinking
Hey want to LBC?
by tjlax September 23, 2009
Hood gang located in Yreka California. Consists of a feww sophomores known to be active members. Some tags have been seen, and petty crimes consist of tormenting others and stealing from Rite-Aid.
LBC aka Lime Blue Crew is the thug of all thugs in Nor*Cal.
by BetweenR-and-S March 05, 2009
LBC is long beach california, but since then has been translated into Lunenburg County. LBC, although it stands for Lunenburg County it represents only the town and their youth.
Were from the LBC
Don't fuck with the LBC
by huskie October 24, 2006

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