The Funniest man on the Radio in GTA 3. Makes fun of the retarded callers the call his show in the dysfunctional liberty city. If you listen to the radio in this game, this is the channel you should be listening to(chatterbox), not the other gay ass music on the other stations.
I refused to drive in the tank because it didnt have the radio so i could listen to Lazlow make fun of people.
by asskake June 23, 2006
Fictional talk radio star of Grand Theft Auto. Often close minded and extream sarcasm.
Lazlow is the man
by Big Bubba B April 29, 2004
An American Radio host who has a 1 minute technology segment called the Technofile, but is best known for his work with the Grand Theft Auto series. Has a monthly (real world) radio show which was recently taken off of XM 202.
See "Lazlow" Definition
by Mr. Mysterious! September 07, 2010

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