This is one of the most gorgeous girls I have ever seen. She looks like Taylor Swift. She is sweet and kind to everyone. She has a pearly white smile and the biggest blue eyes you have ever seen. She loves spontaneous dance parties, black and white pictures, and life. If you ever meet her, your life will never be the same.
She is a Layton if there ever was one.
by laytonlover February 04, 2010
Top Definition
man with a very large penis that egaculates at a long distance
His layton is very huge
by lkj14 February 04, 2011
1. Being a knifer expert in MW3 2. A crazy knifer/ idiot
Dude I just got laytoned from across the map!
by Whambamthankyoumam69 November 19, 2011
1. A city north of Salt Lake City, Utah
2. Full of hot military guys
3. Very modern and full of life city ... except on Sunday because apparently Mormons cannot operate on that day
4. Beautiful views of the mountains
I love living in Layton!
by bj0124 May 04, 2011
Someone who uses the word banter alot and starts new trends and makes up Nicknames for people like zandevious and Tyrone
Layton is full of banter
by Sniper-x-2 March 14, 2015
An annoying, ugly, mean, hypocrite. She seems nice and sweet, but she will ruin your life. She will talk about you behind your back and spread lies about you. She likes to make fun of you about her own insecurities.
Person 1: did you hear that rumor Layton spread about me?

Person 2: No, what did she say?

Person 1: She is telling everyone that I fucked John.

Girl: Wow, Layton is so ugly and annoying.

Girl 2: I know right! She makes me cringe so bad. She needs to get a life.
by Dirty socks June 14, 2016
layton (noun): commonly known as another word for penis.

the word layton, meaning penis, was thought of and created in the 18th century in Scotland.

Many women back in the 18th century believed that it was appropriate to call a mans penis layton, only if it was small or tiny.

If a woman in the 18th century saw a little penis, she would laugh and mock the penis calling it a layton.
Remember, when you zip up your pants, don't let your little old layton get caught in the zipper.

Oh my goodness! i just saw my dads layton in the shower!

Now that i am a teenager, my layton has grown a few inches.
by Jim Tins November 29, 2010
layton describes this incredibly beautiful girl. long blonde curly hair, a smile that makes you melt. she's hot, but not full of her self. she's quiet and kind of shy. she's the perfect girl. i wish she was mine...
Somewhere out there is the perfect girl and maybe someday she will know how beautiful she is and she will be my layton.
by laytonlovertoo March 07, 2010
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