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Laynas are people who are dangerously funny and very hyper! they are one of the many people worth being around! they are total bow-chick-a-wow-wow girls! they make everyone laugh and are awesome friends :)
hey did you see that girl!
ya she is a total layna! bow-chick-a-wow-wow
by SOPHISTER May 08, 2011
58 29
A beautiful, funny, loving, hott, sexy, crazy, party naked kind of girl whose best friend is almost always lesbian/Bi, usually with red or brown hair.
says stuff like "ha...Cheese"
by Caleb Wilkerson January 17, 2005
126 80
To Frost Cupcakes Using the Freezer
"Pay Attention Layna!"
"Layna's Might be blonde"
by redneckgirl866 February 05, 2010
26 31