1) When the boner pops out of the pants, often emphasised with a "WONK!"
2) arm gesture mimicking def. 1, usually on a table
1) He just laid the wood on her last night
2) Snoop Dogg laid the wood at lunch, just to piss off the lunch ladies.
by CanUHearMeNow408 May 01, 2003
Top Definition
To attack or threaten physical aggressiveness toward another person. A metaphor for hitting a person with a melee weapon or other hand held item specifically consisting of wood (i.e. a bat or 2x4). Can also be phrased in a general context as "laying some wood." Not to be confused with the sexual innuendo of "laying pipe."
"Don't make me come over there and lay the wood on you, asshole."
by Heavy1974 November 10, 2009
1) arm gesture where the arm is dropped directly down, mimicking def. 2
2) the layage of wood, where the meat wrench wonks out the pants
1) he layed teh wood
by CanUHearMeNow408 May 01, 2003
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