The female equivalent of a blow job.
I don't need a lawn mover to give me lady a lawn job.
by ace September 16, 2003
Top Definition
fuckin up someone's front lawn with your car.
I gave that stupid bitch teacher a lawn job for failing me.
by Cameron March 21, 2004
backing up into someones yard with your car, and proceeding to "peel out" leaving deep tire tracks across their lawn.
check out all this grass that's under my fender from lawn jobbing that assholes yard last night.
by chadsicle January 22, 2005
The act of driving your car over, around or through someones lawn/yard at all hours of the night while drunk driving. Skidding, donuts, and pulling the handbrake while on the lawn are also acceptable. This is usually done very fast in order to avoid the authorities. Often knocking over small fences, chicken wire, gnomes and ruining gardens.

A point system can be added for making this more competitive.
Dude, what did you guys do last night?

We played beerpong all night and then pulled a few lawn-jobs after.

How many points did you get?

10 points a lawn, so 30 points. It's my new high score.

by DeuceMoney September 28, 2010
The act of going onto somones lawn and proceeding to smash and destroy all lawn ornamints, such as flamingos lawn nombs, crystal balls or bird baths.
"last night me and jason gave this ladys house a total lawn job."
by sledless October 17, 2009
Dragging a person out of their house and beating their ass in the front yard.
Joe's mother screamed in horror as Rick lawn jobbed him out front.

Got to do a lawn job on a couple pussies in Flint.
by Gspot Gigilo July 06, 2009
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