To be used instead of the traditional LOL ( Laugh Out Loud )

The word LAWL stands for Laugh All Weird Like.

But beware when using this word, As it is the property of THE RABB...

And if he catches you using it, he will kill you with his Super Human Pink Power Ranger Abilities!!

by TheRabbExists,Cerial! July 29, 2009
lawl is how you make fun of nubs in video games when you feel like humiliating them because of the extra amount of time it takes to type lawl instead of lol
lawl i pwn face u nub
by SMGPinky April 27, 2009
Laugh at whose laughing. Came from the saying "lol" laugh out loud.
Bob: lol
Bobster: lawl
by LaughBox April 04, 2009
lawl: pronounced LA-wl

(lawl) is furry definition of lol. the common misconception is that its a misspelling of lol. Lawl is the sum of LOL plus rawr. commonly known as the "funny rawr" or "Laughing At Wombo Linens"
I'd totally LAWL at that costume

LAWLing the toilet
by randomgenius April 18, 2010
(n.) Stemed from the text acronym "Lol", to lawl is to laugh aloud. It can be used as "ha" or as a discription. Pronounced "loll" like "roll" as opposed to "lool" like "pool" or "lol" like the beginning of "lollipop". Slang.
She lawled after watching the movie bloopers.

"Oh my gosh, lawl! This is hilarious."
by MegaMorpher February 19, 2010
Laughing at who's laughing
The joke wasn't very funny, but just lawl.
by la yassup February 05, 2010
1. The same as lol. Used to express amusement or as a sarcastic comment.

2. A mocking term for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The term was coined amongst HC SSB Melee players who think Brawl is inferior to Melee. There's presumably also some bitterness involved since Brawl, which is said to have a lower learning curve, was made for everyone and not only the fighting game fans.
1. lawl wtf?

2. Okay kids, let's play Lawl.
by jimmybone D April 30, 2009

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