the retarded way of saying lol
Dude:damn yesterday when i took a dump my asshole burned like fuck

Retarded Dude: LAWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude: you fucking retard
by SomeGuy>.< July 03, 2009
Acronym standing for "laughing a whole lot"
Boy: "Your mother's chest hair!"
Girl: "LAWL!!! Your killing me!!"
by ameroboy June 29, 2009
its an abriviation for "Laughing A Wicked Laugh". Sorta like a mwahaha sorta laugh.
Evil Jack: I will take over the world!!! LAWL
by ChocolateFang June 19, 2009
1. Abreviation of LA Weight Loss
2. another way of typing 'lol'
Have you been to a LAWL centre?
by J-Hoax March 23, 2009
Verbal pronounciantion of LOL.
Lawl, I almost PMSL when he passed out on cam and fell off that chair.
by JCroce September 07, 2008
"lol" but when you say it out loud. you can also say lawlz, which is "lolz". LAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWLL!!
Maya: The teacher does not look good with a beard.
Jamie: I KNOW!!
Maya: I'm gonna get him a razor and shave cream for christmas.
Jamie: LAWL! you SO should!
by jamielovesmaya December 30, 2007
"Looked at Without Laughing"

When a person of your immediate attention span posts a stupid fuckin picture and because you dont want to make people think you're a dick by slamming the fuck out of an obviously unfunny situation, berating the author on their inability to provide the current moment with a damn near dry drop of humor, you're allowed to quickly express your dissapproval and be on your way.
Guy 1: Scrubs is such an awesome show

Guy 2: Are you fuckin retarded? I've never lawled harder.
That show makes everybody lawl. Keeps em lawling.

Guy 1: oh.. ok... uuh. What about last weeks episode of Jersey Shore?

Guy 2: Shut the fuck up..
by Sum Yung Guy 417 November 10, 2011

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