laughing alot with lemonade
guy 1 - this song sucks
guy 2 - your mom sucks
guy 3 (drinking lemonade) - LAWL
by jkfldashgthrja May 25, 2006
the incorrect way of saying "lol".

the real way to say it is lole

I don't see an A in lol, do you? no. why should it be prononced lawl then?
lol is SUPPOSED TO BE prounounced like dole, except with an l instead of a d. lole not lawl
by Phathead April 03, 2006
Laughing and wanking loudly
when you watched really funny porn.

your both horny and humoured
by Duckii August 08, 2005
L.aughing A.t W.ith L.ove
Used online to represent a soft, friendly laugh to show understanding.
A: I hit my head on the desk when I got up from tieing my shoe =/

B: Awww, Lawl
by Der Boris July 10, 2008
a gay ass abbrviation originating as a way to pronounce lol, later changed its meaning to "laughing a whole lot"
anyone who uses lawl should be shot
by winston churchill August 09, 2003

Laughing At Worthless Losers.

Expresses laughter and glee from the stupidity of others, amusing the user.
n00b: omg u stoopid

dude: Lawl, what an idiot you are.
by Hypermega November 09, 2004
the lamest variation of "lol" in the history of lol variations. in my opinion =D

it may as well be an acronym for
by -samin hater- SHE SAYS LAWLS<- September 20, 2008
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