Laughing All Week Long
Person 1: LAWL!
Person 2: What the hell does that mean?
Person 1: Laughing all week long, duh!
Person 2: Oh. LAWL.
by Agent Sessee March 10, 2008
LAWL! ROFL! LMAO! LOL! HAHAHAHA! =P lawl. rofl. lmao. lol
by Shelby! December 06, 2007
lawl stands for laughing aloud with loser(s)
john: wassup
jamie: LAWL
by ZeRoCoOl456 September 02, 2007
"Lol" said with a Texan drawl.
zOMG you died! LAWL!!! (said the Texan).
by C@sheye May 30, 2007
The similar sound to lol but how your mummy told you to say it "Sound it out dear"
Lawl it your face noob.
by Blittzer May 01, 2007
An abbreviation for the term "laughing at weird logic".
This Narbsauce is amazing! Lawl...
by Ic3_Blitzzzz March 11, 2008
LAWL = L.A Weight Loss.
Idiot 1: Hey,I just went to L.A Weight wanna come with me next time?

Idiot 2: Lawl!No thanks,I'm not a fat ass like you.

by Neuro Tamaki February 22, 2008
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