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laughing a whole lot
aimscreenname:omg i like llamas

by ELENA OWNS YOUR MOM August 13, 2007
18 34
Some people think it's an acronym for 'laughing a whole lot'. These people are idiots. It's actually a more 1337 version of "lol". Using it doesn't mean your laughing, it means you're l337. Unless you use it wrong, in that case you're not.
n00b: lol d00d i just be4t mah hi score for spaec invad0rz, agian!!
Person: lawl, u sux
by Storrini June 09, 2007
18 34
1. This is how lol is said out loud.

2. Laughing At Walking Lizards
1. Lawl you tripped xD

2. :points and laughs:
Stop Lawling >:0
by Monk3h July 10, 2008
6 23
Laughing a whole lot
I pwned you loser, lawl
by nate93 April 02, 2008
7 24
1) literally the sound when saying lol out loud
2) defined as "laughs at weird loser"
Person A: George Bush is one sexy beast. Literally.
Person B: You made me lawl.
by Baka-desu May 16, 2007
68 85
it is used for lol but as more of a sound effect. Like times when you actually do lol, a type of giggle burst that is almost a cry.
person 1: OMG I just spilled cola all over my keyboard!!
person 2: lawl !
by Chimworth June 03, 2007
7 25
when someone overuses LOL in a conversation


something to make fun of someone who uses LOL too much
Sarah: LOL no way

Sarah: LOL

Sarah: No she di'nt! LOL

Mike: Shut up, you annoying bitch. LAWLS
by i do what i do, so fuck you February 06, 2011
30 49