Local Army Witch Locusts
the LAWL raped and pillaged the town
by tedloaf October 17, 2008
the term "LAWL" stands for laugh around with love. nothing more nothing less.
im sick of people making up these alternitive definitions NOT LAWL.

with love - kaitlyn
by god dannit January 07, 2010
lol a weird similar to lol, meaning 'laugh out loud'.
Part of laugh. To lawl or lol can be laughing about someone or something. Mostly used in games, or over IM.
Mike: *Telling a Joke*
Tim: lawl

Lucy: She's so fat
Gina: lawl

by BiO HaZzard May 26, 2007
often used as a replacement to the word LOL the word Lawl has no relevance or relationship to the acronym laugh out loud but is mostly used by people trying to emphazise the 'aw' sound. It can also be said in a very sarcastic tone for extra effect
Lawl I pwned some noob on counter strike;

or after a sentence

I didnt do my english assignment, that fat hussey is gonna crack it, Lawl
by sickdefinition October 29, 2007
Pronunciation of "lol."
Also, see: rawfull
lawl dewd, thats funneh
by Beakman May 05, 2005
laughing at wierd lads

because most of the people u laugh at are from england anyways...
someone: look at the two faggots sitting there drinking tea in little tea cups.
me: lawl
by hat trix July 10, 2008
the Way nicki and Cindy laugh out loud... seriously.

nicki: hahahha LAWL!!
cindy: yeah i know hahahhaha LAWL!
adelaide, ria, sabrina: OMG HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
by asfdkjhgfdiovnrfb May 08, 2008

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