1. Abreviation of LA Weight Loss
2. another way of typing 'lol'
Have you been to a LAWL centre?
by J-Hoax March 23, 2009
A super weird, nerdy, geeky, strange, etc kind of word that INTERNET GEEK NERDS use only. Coming from texting language lol (laugh out laud) Geeks say the word "lawl" instead of laughing to indicate funnyness. So annoying, because usually they have a dull voice.
Person 1:"Knock Knock"
Person 2: "Who's there?"
Person 1: Oh, Your Mother was supposed to answer, she told me we could meet up tonight!"
Person 1 and 2: BE QUIET, YOUR SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by YoWassupppppppppppppp December 06, 2011
"Looked at Without Laughing"

When a person of your immediate attention span posts a stupid fuckin picture and because you dont want to make people think you're a dick by slamming the fuck out of an obviously unfunny situation, berating the author on their inability to provide the current moment with a damn near dry drop of humor, you're allowed to quickly express your dissapproval and be on your way.
Guy 1: Scrubs is such an awesome show

Guy 2: Are you fuckin retarded? I've never lawled harder.
That show makes everybody lawl. Keeps em lawling.

Guy 1: oh.. ok... uuh. What about last weeks episode of Jersey Shore?

Guy 2: Shut the fuck up..
by Sum Yung Guy 417 November 10, 2011
another LOL spelt a different way.
On Facebook chat (P1=person 1 and P2=person2)
P1: Sup bro,
P2: Chaa,
P2: What?
by Fuzzy123345566775544323 June 25, 2011
lawl: pronounced LA-wl

(lawl) is furry definition of lol. the common misconception is that its a misspelling of lol. Lawl is the sum of LOL plus rawr. commonly known as the "funny rawr" or "Laughing At Wombo Linens"
I'd totally LAWL at that costume

LAWLing the toilet
by randomgenius April 18, 2010
(n.) Stemed from the text acronym "Lol", to lawl is to laugh aloud. It can be used as "ha" or as a discription. Pronounced "loll" like "roll" as opposed to "lool" like "pool" or "lol" like the beginning of "lollipop". Slang.
She lawled after watching the movie bloopers.

"Oh my gosh, lawl! This is hilarious."
by MegaMorpher February 19, 2010
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